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     Tired of learning how to install the same windshield?  Already know more about mold than you ever wanted to know?  Tired of sitting through the same classes year after year… Join us in our roofing Continuing Education classes!  


We offer the following classes:

Course #: 50106 - Manufacturing Process—Asphalt Shingles

Course #: 50107 - Types of Shingles & Roofing Materials

Course #: 50108 - Roof Components & Design Considerations

Course #: 50109 - Roofing Installation Process

Course #: 50110 - Roofing Hail & Wind Damage

Course #: 50111 - Roof Repairs & Restoration

Course #: 50112 - Roofing - Selection of Proper Shingle Types

Course #: 50113 - Roof Care & Maintenance

Course #: 50146  - Understanding an Adjusters Work Scope & Supplements


Please email if you would like more information on a specific class.

Insurance Agents

Allstate Builders & Roofing is now offering Continuing Education Course Credits!

   Thank you for taking the time to get to know Allstate Builders & Roofing!  

     Do you have clients concerned about the condition of their roof or fence?  Finding shingles in the yard or their fence blown over after a wind storm?  Do your clients have a case of “neighboritis” where they are tired of seeing everyone else in their neighborhood getting a new roof? 

   At Allstate Builders & Roofing our reputation with local insurance agencies is one of honesty.  This is something we take great pride in developing.  After inspecting your client’s damage we will give an honest evaluation on the condition of their home.  If there is enough damage to file a full replacement or repair claim we will help your clients through the insurance process.  Time is valuable and we believe giving you an honest evaluation saves your time, our time, and your client’s time.   We will work hand in hand with you and the claim adjuster.  We know what the adjuster requires to process a claim.  After a major hail/wind storm adjusters are brought in from all across the country to help with the increase in claims. If it is a roof claim, there may be additional work needed on your client’s roof to meet code requirements some out of state adjusters may miss. 

     Our goal is to make the process as easy for your office as well as the homeowner.   Let us be your client’s advocate when meeting with their claims adjuster.