Allstate Builders/Roofing LLC


Thank you for taking the time to get to know Allstate Builders & Roofing!   Concerned about the condition of your roof?  Finding shingles in the yard or your fence blown over on a windy day?  Do you need a 'Do It All' to handle several projects around the house that you just don't have the time or knowledge to handle yourself?  Have Allstate Builders out to perform an inspection free of charge.  We will provide you with multiple options.

      If you need a roof replacement, Allstate Builders & Roofing offers homeowners Impact Resistant shingles which is a better quality shingle that can decrease your insurance premiums up to 30%!   At Allstate Builders & Roofing our reputation with local insurance agencies is one of honesty.  This is something we take great pride in developing.  

     We highly recommend receiving an inspection before filing a claim with your insurance.  You could be unnecessarily filing a claim that will remain on your record.  It is free and can save you a great deal of time and effort if your home is in good condition or the repairs are less than your deductible.  After inspecting your home we will let you know the extent of the damage.  If there is enough damage to file a full replacement or a repair claim we will help you through the insurance process.  We will give YOU all the facts and allow you to make the decision to file a claim.  

     Time is valuable and we believe giving you an honest evaluation saves you time, our time, and your agent’s time.   We work hand in hand with insurance companies and claims adjusters.  We know what the insurance companies require to process a claim.  After a major hail or wind storm, adjusters are brought in from all across the country to help with the increase in claims. If you have roof damage, there may be additional work needed on your roof to meet code requirements some out of state adjusters may miss.   Let us be your advocate when meeting with the claims adjuster.   We understand homeowners have many questions.  We take the time to explain the process and make you feel comfortable with your decisions.  Please ask your agent if you have coverage for code upgrades in your policy. 

     It is also helpful to verify if your policy is an ACV or RCV policy.  Your agent can help you understand the difference.  This will help eliminate any surprising costs throughout the process.   

     We have personal relationships with representatives from the supply companies as well as the shingle manufacturers.  This allows us to offer the best customer service to our customers.  Because of our confidence in their quality, we work closely with the Owens Corning shingle manufacturing plant located here locally in downtown Denver.  We take pride in supporting local businesses whenever possible.  We take pride in screening our installation crews to insure they meet the high standards we expect.  Have confidence in selecting Allstate Builders & Roofing, we will be here for you today and in the future.