Allstate Builders/Roofing LLC

  Allow us to be your 'one stop shop' to correct errors found in the home inspection. We offer roof certifications & repairs, radon mitigation, and many other services

     Need an inspection or roof certification to complete the deal?  Call Allstate Builders & Roofing!  We understand the real estate process is often rushed and time sensitive.  Allstate Builders & Roofing is a one stop shop for Realtors.  We will assess the damage during the inspection and give you an honest opinion of the roofs condition.  We will inspect your roof to determine the age of the roof, the pitch or steepness,  the number of layers, and whether or not there have been previous roof repairs to your home.

     If the roof is in need of repairs we can handle them right away.  In the event the roof needs a full replacement we can work with insurance agents and claims adjusters to smooth out the process.  We offer 3 year and 5 year roof certifications.

     Once you obtain our roof certification you can better inform a buyer about the condition of the roof, and disclose the estimated remaining life expectancy. It will give both the buyer and the seller (and the lender) peace of mind when the roof condition is discussed!