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  At Allstate Builders & Roofing our mission is to provide homeowners with a reliable contracting source, provide high quality work, and stand by our word. Justin Love has owned Allstate Builders & Roofing since 1993. He has worked in the construction and roofing field for over 38 years. You can feel confident going with Allstate Builders & Roofing! 

     We are a full service construction company offering roof repair/replacement, Radon mitigation, fence repair, windows, painting, drywall repair, insulation, etc.  Let us help you with your "honey-do" list.  Take a few minutes to review our website and understand why Allstate Builders & Roofing should be trusted with your home.  We are well known for our honesty with insurance agents throughout the Denver Metro area.  We work with insurance companies, adjusters, mortgage companies, realtors, and property management companies.

     We will be happy to provide you with a free inspection and explain your options. If this is an insurance claim, we highly recommend receiving an inspection before filing a claim with your insurance.  You could be unnecessarily filing a claim that will remain on your insurance record.  It is free and can save you a great deal of time and effort if your home is in good condition.

     Choosing your construction company shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Every year you hear news stories about ‘Storm Chasers’ who come into town just after a storm and leave just as quickly.  Where will you be if there are problems with your home after this company has left the state?  Some companies will ask for all of your money up front before they will start your job.  Asking for 100% up front can be a red flag for a homeowner.  Most reputable companies will only collect your deductible and a portion of the job cost (typically the first check from your insurance company) to begin your work or when the material is delivered. Keep in mind the company who can start work faster is not necessarily the best option, choose a company based on quality not schedule availability. By working with Allstate Builders & Roofing you are gaining the security of a local company who will be here during the entire installation process and years down the line if you ever encounter any problems.​​

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